Our Story

Founded in 2019, Forest Link is a Social Enterprise, serving both human and nature.

We design Wellness retreats, combining physical and mental health care for customers. The retreats help to balance, maintain and restore the mind, body and; to bring joy, positive thinking by promoting the activities between people and nature. We believe that stress and fatigue problems can be greatly reduced by being near the nature; by paying attention to our natural surroundings.

Forest Link pioneers to apply regenerative tourism, that evolved from sustainable tourism, making the destination better after each trip. As a social enterprise, we commit to reinvest 51% of profits to plant permaculture forests throughout Vietnam to support local people in soil improvement, organic farming, and ecosystem restoration. When using our services, you also participate in the work of planting forests and green covering our Mother Earth.

Our Vision

Pioneer in implementing Regenerative Tourism with creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction. We aim to become a social enterprise with a good impact on the community, the environment and social responsibility.

Our Mission

Forest Link offers wellness retreats that improve body - mind - spirit. We provide solutions and added value in all services to exceed customer expectations and achieve goals for partners. We create value by applying regenerative, sustainable and responsible tourism.

Social Responsibility

In addition to continuing to apply sustainable tourism, reducing the negative impacts that tourism causes to destinations, protecting the natural environment and social life in the process of developing and managing tourism activities; Forest Link continuously creates positive impacts to compensate for the natural degradation in the process of making tourism or implementing “regenerative tourism”. We make the destination better after every trip. We spend 51% of our profits to plant trees, choose healthy meals; combine the programs to regenerate energy for the customers... After the trips with Forest Link, customers "recreate" many things: nature, the environment and themselves.