Planting trees with Forest Link

Forest Link often receive questions about how can trees grow with Forest Link? How long will it take for the tree to grow taller? Is there any benefit in planting a tree? In fact, it takes at least 5 years for the permacultural farm to become as beautiful as the picture or video clip on the internet.

Taking care of the trees is also very tough with the covering, monitoring plants, watering … The survival rate of the tree depends on many factors such as weather, rainfall, soil … Under climate change, tree planting is also facing many difficulties but over time, the trees and strong soil will be very stable. Since the first tree planting on June 22nd, 2019 over 6 months, Forest Link is happy to announce to you our results:

  • Coverage of land surface reaches 100%
  • Plant survival rate: 93%
  • Stable plant growth

Forest Link invite you to see the pictures before and after processing the soil and the trees at Forest Link. 5 years, 10 years from now, the forest garden will provide food, landscape, shade and fresh air. Please be patient with the trees!

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